The podcast comes out tomorrow! This time I was joined by special guest co-host Karl! Look to download the show tomorrow. I got some ideas from doing it this way. Me and Karl were in the same room so it was different but it still was awesome. We need you though Lando, return to the show!

I got some ideas though, like doing it with more than just me and Lando. Making it a show for 3 or 4 people. I just have to figure out the complexity of the setup and making it sound just as good. If we can get Lando on Skype, and Me, Tony, and Karl in the same room, this could be a kickin’ show. There’s nothing wrong with calling it Steve and Lando’s show still but having more people includes more opinions. It all depends on if it works out the way I want it to.

Anyway, download the show tomorrow morning! This one was excellent.


  1. Pat

    good call with the show! don’t worry, i’ve had professors like the one you talked about…it’s like being at gbcs again sometimes. you just gotta find someone to laugh at them with and do everything you can to make them look dumb. good luck steve! you’re almost done!

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