Sometimes things happen in this world that should force people to come together and work to fix a situation. What has happened in New Orleans is one of those times but it just doesn’t seem to have brought anyone together and nothing good has come of it.

Usually when you hear about disasters around the world you hear people talking about Human Spirit and the way people help one another, but when something happens here in the USA you hear nothing but bad news. I’m not in the army, or national guard, or any of the organizations meant to help those in need, but I’m not stupid either. The reaction time for aid on the gulf coast has been extremely slow and something should have been done much earlier.

The media showed us pictures of babies with bandages, people with water, trucks full of food, and various other things when the tsunami hit just a few months ago. I can only ask, why aren’t our televisions flooded with pictures of this same stuff in our own country. These people have lost everything, and some didn’t even have much to begin with, and now the city of Tallahassee is kicking these people out of hotels because the football crowd is moving in for the weekend.

I’m so disgusted in the behavior of this country, and my own city. There is a time when we should set aside monetary gain so that we can show compassion to those who need it more than anybody. One hotel in Tallahassee has kicked out a family that lost their home and all of their possessions because they couldn’t pay them to stay. Dozens of people are also being told to leave on account of the football crowd that is coming in for the kickoff weekend. This city could easily open the civic center as a shelter for these people who have no clothes, no place to use the bathroom, and no food.

People just shouldn’t be left out in the street to die, regardless of thier financial status or skin color. I’m just blown away that the first thing into the city wasn’t medical supplies and food. If reporters can get in, why can’t the help? Since the writing of this post, they have finally gotten into the city and are helping to remove people from the distaster but what took them so long.

I almost wonder if all the tsunami stuff was propaganda to make the US look good. If help really arrived as fast and in such force as we thought it did. Maybe they were in the same situation as New Orleans but we weren’t shown that side of it.

All I can say is that after all that has happened to this country over the past year, like senseless deaths, natural disaster, war in Iraq that is going nowhere, that I regret everyday voting for George Bush. Yeah I voted for him, but that was at a time where I thought something might happen. Switching leadership in the heat of battle just didn’t sound right, but this war is useless. Those people cannot be helped. They have blown stuff up for waaay too long to just stop because AMERICA said so. I can only hope that the next guy who sits in the oval office can fix all the crap that Bush broke.


  1. Phate

    I cant remember it off the top of my head, but I read a blog about a visiting family from the UK. The man said that the officers in the big easy would actually declined to rescue women from the tops of buildings unless they woman “showed off their goods”.

    If a woman refused to debase themselves then the police drove off in favor of ppl who would.

    Ppl trying to leave the state on foot by way of the texas border were SHOT at because the police did not want texas to “become another louisianna”.

    If half the stuff I am reading is true… it is just too much to comprehend that someone would treat another human being in such a manner. o_O

    Meh, as for Bush… what goes up, ya know 😉

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