Should have been a farmer…

Man I really should have been a farmer. I must have this wicked awesome green thumb that I don’t know about because for some reason there are watermelons growing in our pasture and all I did was throw a watermelon out there. It’s awesome!

I was feeding the horses watermelons and they ate them, but now there are watermelon plants WITH baby watermelons growing in the field! If I had known it would be this easy to grow a watermelon, I would have had a garden a long time ago!

Okay so maybe I owe the horses one for stomping the seeds into the ground like they did, but I still feel proud of my watermelons. They’re so great! One is like 3 inches long and 2 inches around. Now that might not sound like much, but if you haven’t watered them or tended to them in any way, then it’s surprising that they are there at all. I seriously haven’t watered them or anything and their out there growing! I did water them this afternoon becuase I have come to realize that I might be getting a pretty big watermelon out of this deal. Those little boogers are growing fast!

I just hope they grow and ripen before the seasons change and they won’t grow anymore. I would be so sad 🙁


  1. Pat

    in response to your last post…. sadly enough, we did not respond in time because mr. bush sees it fit to keep troops in iraq. if we had troops where they were supposed to be, then things probably would have gone quicker. response time sucked and i’m with you on it, we as a country suck.

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