New Profile Picture!

Hey everybody! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything significant so I decided today was the day! Not that I ever have THAT much important stuff to say, but here it is anyway.

I updated my blog picture today. I decided that it was time. I know that many of you were enjoying staring at half of my head against a Forrest Gump poster but sometimes you just need to change. I took that picture a couple of days ago when I was out messing around with my watermelons. They didn’t grow today…I’m scared that it’s getting too cool outside. Maybe I should water them more than I’m doing…hmmm. They are getting better. If any of you know much about watering watermelons then leave a comment so I can do a better job. I don’t want them to whither up and die 🙁

The new Coheed and Cambria CD comes out on the 20th. You should all go listen to a couple songs off of it right now at purevolume.

I have a job interview on monday and this time I know I’m totally getting this job! It’s a job at an insurance place as a PC Technician/Help Desk person. I’m totally awesome at fixing computers so I’m gonna get the job. I’m excited! I’ll finally have money to spend. I’ll finally by a DnD book so I can play this game..then I will buy a plane ticket to go to WV and visit Stephanie. Because that’s important. Well…I’ll buy this stuff if I have money left over from buying gas! It’s too freakin’ high down here. Out here in the country I can get it for about $2.69 which is great considering what it is in town. It’s like $3.15 there. Waaaay too much. The only thing is that I drive twice as far as everybody else that lives in town so it balances out in the long run.

Anyway, just wanted to update you guys on what’s going on. Me and Lando will be doing another show either tomorrow or Monday. I can’t find any news whatsoever. This week all anybody is talking about is the iPod Nano. Yeah the thing is cool, but we need more stuff. There are a couple surprises for this week. Neat stuff! Well that’s it for me! You guys take it easy!


  1. Phate

    mwahah dude… me ans steph laughed out BUTTS off at that picture… so so wonderful!

    Also… your watermelons >^_^:D

    you need to hurry up and come back here! We can all play DnD together ^_^

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