I’m too excited…

Got this in a loserkids newsletter today:

“I love my fans, and I promise, I will not let you down. The music that we all grew to charish that was made, not only will continue, but it will be much, much better. All I can say is hold on, and prepare…” -tom delonge

I’m too excited about Tom’s new band! I thought Boxcar Racer was awesome so I’m definitely all up for hearing his next album. I can only hope that it doesn’t tear Blink apart like Boxcar Racer did, but whatever, as long as I can hear Tom rocking out like mad on a guitar. No I do not have some kind of weirdo obsession with Tom DeLonge, but I am a huge fan and I can’t wait to hear his music again.

Anyway, I just thought that email was interesting. I’ve been playing Warcraft a ton lately. I got addicted to it again, for a while I didn’t play at all. I’ve found a way not to get bored while playing it. I just turn on WinAmp and have it shuffle my entire library of music! That way I don’t have to listen to the ambient sounds of warcraft and get very bored. This way I can sit in my chair and dance while I annihilate foolish beasts who try to attack me! Mwahahaha! *cough* sorry, gotta little carried away there.

I have to go compile an outline on EVERYTHING digital media for a friend of mine now. Later!


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