been a while

Oh wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something. Well it hasn’t been obnoxiously long, but it’s been too long by my standards. Honestly, there hasn’t been much happening around here. Or anything I feel like talking about. I’m trying to do better.

Anyway! I do have some excellent news! I got a job! Yes, it’s true. Steve will be working! I’m not gonna be hurting for money anymore which is great. I’ll finally be able to buy decent christmas presents for friends and family instead of grabbing stuff I don’t need anymore and repackaging it *cough* Lando’s mod chip *cough*. 😉
But this is great news for me. I’m going to be doing desktop support and it sounds like a great job. I love fixing computers and this job is going to fit perfect into my career path. I’m not going to be just a help desk person. It’s a step up from that. I’m the guy that the help desk calls when they can’t fix a problem over the phone. I’m really good at fixing computers so I’m sure this job is going to be a blast.

I also finally got to play some Dungeons and Dragons! It was freakin’ awesome! Me and my friends, Tony and Mark, all started up a game and it’s awesome. I didn’t realize it would be as much fun as it is. You really get to step out of reality for a while and have a great time. I’m not going to explain it because it’ll make me sound like a complete nerd, but I don’t care man. Playing this game is awesome. It’s better to be hanging with friends, eating pizza, and pretending to be an adventurer than to just sit at home alone doing it. Good stuff!

The new Coheed and Cambria cd is AWESOME! It’s as good as if not better than their last cd. I still don’t have a clue what’s going on in this epic story, but the music is awesome! Maybe I’ll buy the graphic novel that goes along with it at some point.

Well that’s the update for me. I’m thinking about going solo on a podcast, what do you guys think? Steve and Lando’s show is pretty much over. It’s just not working out. I want a podcast that has a schedule and unfortunately that’s not going to happen with our show. But you can look for me to do something in the future. I love tech too much not to be involved in it somehow. Later!


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