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Oh yes, you read the title of this post right. I am typing this using the Mac OS but not on a Mac….oh no, that would be too simple. I’m running an HP Compaq dc7100 with Mac OS X! Yeah man!

I’ve been working on this since last night and I finally have the network up and running and I’m cruising the net with this beast. It’s so much faster than my PowerBook G4. I guess 2 Ghz does make a difference haha. It’s so freakin’ awesome. Most everything on it works but the sound, but I’ll get that working here at some point. Most of the apps work as well except for iTunes since I updated it like a dummy, and anything that came with iLife ’05. Apparently you can’t just go installing this stuff like on a regular Mac. I’m going to try installing Warcraft III on here soon because it’s the only Mac game that I have. Well I have World of Warcraft as well but I’d have to have patches and a bunch of other stuff so Warcraft III will be a simple test of the graphics power. I’m just using onboard video in this thing but so far everything is smooth and pretty. I’ve also used iChat and it works great.

Right now, I’m honestly just blown away that this thing even works. I didnt’ think that I would be that lucky. I’m just doing this as a learning experience really. I needed a fun project to do to keep me from going insane and this sounded like a good one. It also stopped me from spending 10 bucks on a movie today. I just stayed home and did this. I’m very impressed with it so far except for it’s inability to run certain programs. I might do a re-install and see if I can get some more functionality out of it. There is one file that I need to get sound working and I can’t get it by itself. I have to download the whole Darwin 8.1 Unix system. I can’t do that with my current internet connection so maybe somebody on some of these forums can help me out. We’ll see what happens!!

Well I’m gonna get back to screwing around with this system. Be cool!!


  1. Anonymous

    what install dvd did you use and what network card are you using?
    did you have to mess with the kext files to get it going?
    I am having a problem using the network card on mine.
    email me at prhickey [at] g m a i l . {com}
    (sorry have to fool the bots)

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