Apple Goodness

Once again, Apple has created something so totally awesome that I want one. Yeah, I that I’m Apple obsessed and I pretty much want to play with every little thing they release. If they didn’t make them look so aesthetically pleasing!! I’ll admit it right now, I am an eye candy sort of guy, and Apple delivers on that with every product.

Ha! I haven’t mentioned the product announcement yet! Silly me. Apple has announced Video iPods! Yes, iPods that can play music videos, vidcasts, movies, photos, and music! And it’s all in one little pocket sized package! I’m totally blown away that it’s even possible for them to fit this many capabilities into a little box like that. It’s even smaller than the iPod I have now…it is 3 years old but nonetheless! It’s amazing! And this new iPod is only $299 for the 30 Gb and $399 for the 60Gb. To be honest, those aren’t bad prices at all considering Apple’s track record when it comes to product pricing. I might be getting one of these babies.

They also released a new iMac G5 that, for once, actually has the hardware to justify the price! Maybe Apple is learning a thing or two about making a cheaper computer. It has great specs. 1.9 Ghz G5, 160 Gb SATA hard drive, 17 inch screen, 128 Mb ATI Radeon 9600 Pro, 512 MB RAM, 8x Dual-Layer SuperDrive, and a Remote Control…yeah a remote. They’ve made this thing like a media center PC. I’m so excited over it. You can use the remote to change songs on iTunes, open movies, all kinds of stuff. And this whole thing is only $1299…now I know that’s more expensive than you’d pay for a PC, but its OS X…I mean c’mon..honestly! It’s not bad.

I’m totally coming off as an Apple Fan Boy here…and maybe I am. But hey, I love those guys.

Anyway, just thought I’d post about the exciting events that took place today. iTunes 6 came out as well, so update it if you use it! Stay cool!


  1. STEVE

    It’s okay, you’ll live. This is actually the second new one since you bought yours. They added color screens first and NOW video. So you should’ve felt angry a while ago 😉


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