Neverwinter Nights

Well it’s finally the weekend and I have no plans whatsoever! It’s about time too! It seems like every weekend lately I’ve had something important to do, but not this weekend. No sir! This weekend is dedicated to sitting in this excellent computer chair and playing video games until my heart stops. Of course that’s how I always think some weekends are going to be until I’m given a big project.

I never felt okay just sitting on my bum and playing video games before I got a job. I felt like maybe I should be doing something to contribute to society instead of doing nothing. It was this reason that I only played them at night when everybody else was asleep. But not now! I’m a working class citizen and I’m taking advantage of my right to a weekend free of hard work. At least that’s how I think it will be until tomorrow afternoon when I end up outside working on a fence or something. I’ll stop rambling now and get to the point so you guys don’t get bored 🙂

I finally earned some money to spend so I decided I would spend it today. I mozied on over to CompUSA in search of a KVM switch that would let me run my MacIntel and WoW PC with one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. I started looking at those things and they aren’t that expensive, but none of the good ones work with Macs. They are all PS/2 and Macs only use USB for keyboards and mice. I know I can get an adapter that will turn a PS/2 mouse and keyboard into USB but I’m still not sure if that will work or not. So I was very disappointed and left without an awesome KVM Switch….that’s not to say I left empty handed though.

I figured with NaNoWriMo coming up, I needed a new keyboard to replace the MS keyboard that I’ve had for like 2 years. I picked up this awesome HP Multimedia keyboard that just feels like a dream to touch. I swear I can type like 53423 words a minute with this thing. It’s all tappity tapping. Anyway, I bought that and I picked up Neverwinter Nights. I haven’t really gotten too far into it yet, but I’m very happy with the accuracy of the DnD ruleset. They have all the races, classes, spells, and a bunch of added stuff. It’s so awesome! I just needed an RPG to play when I didn’t feel like getting online and being pummeled by stupid horde and lag times. The game is definitely dated, but nonetheless it’s cool. I got the platinum edition becuase it had both expansion packs and the original game. I dont’ even really know if I like it yet, the interface is a little crazy. I’m definitely going to give it a try though.

Anyway, this post is too long as was my day. I’ll leave it at this and just wish you guys a very lazy weekend! Later


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