The Scene

Sat, Oct 15, 2005 2-minute read

I just got done watching the latest episode of The Scene and all I have to say is “Oh wow”. Seriously, this show is so well done and intense I’m hooked. I started watching it back at the beginning of the year and now I live month to month waiting for the new episodes. It’s just a show about a group of movie pirates that just keep getting deeper and deeper into this twisting mess of corruption.

This latest episode was awesome because the lead character, Drosan, had to hack into an FTP server and destroy log files before the feds got to it. It was awesome! You totally got to see him fire up a shell account, use an exploit tool on Windows XP, own the machine, then force deletion of all the log files! It was freakin' awesome! All this stuff is staged and the only real action that takes place is on Drosan’s computer screen. I know it might sound boring watching some guy chat over IRC and other IM clients but it’s just great how intense text can be sometimes.

If you can watch a subtitled Anime, then you can easily watch The Scene. You guys should realy check it out. I’ve been hooked for a long time and I see no slowing down in this show.

While we’re on the subject of Shows, you should also be watching Smallville on the WB. Superman rules.