12:12 AM

Make a wish!!

I’m kind of bored right now. I suppose I could go to sleep, but as I mentioned earlier, I’ll probably be asked to do some big outdoor project tomorrow. I don’t want to go to sleep because this is my Stephen time. Time for me to just hang out with my computer and….well…browse the internet until Lando finished making cheese sticks and somebody interesting joins the #digg room on IRC. I swear, that place has like 50 users and it’s completely silent….I guess I could say something. I dont’ want to though because I have nothing interesting to say. Or at least I dont’ think I do…hmm. Maybe everybody else in that channel is thinking the same thoughts and blogging the same stuff. One can only wonder.

I want an iMac G5….Lando, you should buy me one.

Well, now that that is out of the way, I’ll just sit here and ramble until he gets back from making cheese sticks.

Oh this is cool! I ran an nmap scan on Lando’s teamspeak server and it told me that he had nearly all 65535 ports open on his machine…I don’t even think that’s possible. I really hope that’s not the case or he’s the most open target on the internet…which is why you won’t be getting his IP address out of me. I’m a good friend! I want to learn how to program….but my brain jsut doesn’t want to learn tonight. I should play Neverwinter Nights since I just bought the game. I’ll do that….I’m gonna go grab a Bawls out of the refrigerator and stay up til 3. later!

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