stay who you are

Wed, Oct 19, 2005 2-minute read

I was listening to The Ataris today and just found that lyric excellent for some reason.

Man I haven’t blogged in a while. I guess I got obsessed with World of Warcraft again. I was playing a Warrior on there and I got to about level 34 but I started to get really bored with it. Warriors are cool and all, but they just don’t have that many good powers and they can’t solo quests for garbage. SO! I started a Warlock. I am LOVING my warlock. I have this awesome minion that I can summon from the Twisting Nether (WoW equivalent to Hell I’m guessing). I just tell that thing to attack stuff and I blast it from afar with magic! It’s great! I love this game again.

I haven’t been doing much on the technology side of things. I’m still enjoying my bi-weekly DnD game. It’s so much fun just going to Tony’s and drinking Mountain Dew and just hanging around. It’s cool too because he usually lets me bring my computer and we play WoW until we decide to sleep…which is usually pretty late at night. I get to take advantage of some cable! Oh yeah! My attacks actually go off when I want them to!

I know there was probably something I was giong to say on here but I can’t remember what it is. I guess I’ll leave it at that then. I’m really tired and I think I’m trying to get sick so I’m going to sleep. I just wanted to post a quick post about….stuff. Smallville thursday!! Aquaman is gonna be on the show! Awesomeness!! Later!