I have finally finished college! I say finally like it took me a long time haha. It only took me a year and a half to finish but I’m glad I’m done and I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I now have a degree in Computer Networking and Security Management. I’ve also got a sweeet job where I get to use my skills. It’s so awesome just fixing computers all day. Pretty soon I’m also going to be in charge of setting up VPN accounts and all that good stuff. I know I can handle it. I love computers.

I also got to bring home my IBM computer that I’ve been using at school for the past year. It’s actually a pretty good computer too. It’s better than mine as far as hardware goes except for the video card and sound. I think I might turn it into an Apache Web Server and learn how to operate one. It won’t be accessible to you guys of course because it will be on my internal network, but I’ll still get to see what it’s like to run one. I could either do that or set it up like a file server which would be cool too. I don’t know yet. Decisions, decisions.

I went into the Battlegrounds on WoW this weekend when I was at Tony’s and it was really really fun! I got 30 honor kills! I only played it once because the queue to join a game got so obnoxiously long. I can’t really play BG at home because of my sad connection to the internet. People just stomp me because I can’t get my attacks off fast enough. I was taking on mobs 3 levels higher than me at Tony’s but I can barely face mobs that ARE my level at home. It kind of sucks, but that may be changing here in a few months. Details on that later.

Well, that’s it for whats happened to me lately! Done with college…wow. I might go back for a business degree at some point, but right now I’m satisfied just working in the field I’ve always wanted to. Later!

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