It Broke

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything, but now is the time to tell you all some extremely terrible news. Now brace yourselves becauset this is intense…

my computer broke

Yes it’s true! I know how you feel, I’ve been crying for days. Okay, I’ve only really been without the computer for a couple days now. I learned the hard way that if something isn’t broke, you don’t fix it. I was thinking of moving all my parts to the new IBM that I brought home from school and I did…the only problem is, it didn’t boot right. So I moved the parts back to my other computer only to find out that that wouldn’t boot either. I managed to fix the IBM but my other computer has a fried mobo. I tried everything. I unplugged all the expansion cards, cables, everything! It couldn’t get to the CMOS setup and it freezes after the memory check when it boots. It’s all over for that mobo.

I think I had a connection a little loose when I turned it on and it may have sparked. I did smell something 🙁 .

So tonight I ordered a new mobo. It’s a Gigabyte mobo….I’m unsure of how good it really is but it had some decent reviews. The only thing I worry about is the RAM not working because some motherboards are picky. It’s got 5 PCI slots, AGP 8X, 3 DDR slots, and it’s socket 478 so it should work with everything I have.

Anyway, I just felt the need to tell everbody about this disaster because it means I won’t be playing WoW for the next couple of days. I had the mobo rushed and so it should be here friday…that would be great since I’ll have the weekend for WoW.


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