Thu, Nov 10, 2005 3-minute read

Some people are just stupid.

I left work today and waved goodbye to my good friend Tony with my mind on this excellent chicken sandwich that I was going to have my hands on in a matter of minutes. I could already taste the wonderful juiciness that is a chik-fil-a sandwich. I was day dreaming as I drove about the waffle fries and ketchup and savoring ever flavor. If you didn’t realize it yet, I was starving! I hadn’t eaten anything since 6 this morning and even then all I had was a pop-tart, which is starting to get really really old. You can only eat the same food every morning for so long before you start dreading eating.

Anyway, back to the story. I happily pull up to the drive through, searching the menu for the wonderful chicken sandwich I was ready for. And there it was, in all it’s chicken glory, waiting for me. I told the lady “I want a large number 1 with nothing on it and a Coke to drink”, the joy in my voice clearly evident over crackly intercom system. “That’ll be (insert $ amount here), please drive around.” So I drive my squeaky Jeep Cherokee up to the window and she give me the bag of what I’m hoping to be the greatest lunch ever touched by human hands. Before I pulled off I thought to myself, “I better ask her for some ketchup!” So I said, “Did you put ketchup in the bag with this,” to which she replied, “yes I did.” Very plain, exactly like that, no “have a good day” or anything. so I drove off.

I got back to work and went to sit down with Tony and I opened the bag. WHAT’S THIS! It’s my wonderful chicken sandwhich! So I pulled all the stuff out of the bag and was ready to dig into my waffle fries. “Oh ketchup!” I said. I opened the bag once more and was immediately devastated and annoyed all at the same time, for what I saw is considered a blasphemous, hethen act in the fast food world. I was given…ONE FREAKIN' PACK OF KETCHUP!! Who in their right mind puts ONE SINGLE SMALL INSIGNIFICANT PACKET OF KETCHUP IN A BAG!! You don’t just do that! You have to TRY to put ONE packet in a bag. Just think about it. You reach over to the little ketchup holder and you grab a FEW. You have to make a conscious effort to grab one pack of ketchup! Nobody does that! It’s evil. I did get 2 packs of mustard and one pack of freakin' mayonnaise though! WHOOPEE! There’s a worthy substitute for my ketchup. The holiest of holy condiments!

Stupid chik-fil-a.

The sandwich was good though…maybe I should eat there tomorrow