back home

Wed, Nov 30, 2005 2-minute read

Well, I have returned from a long and dangerous journey that plagued me with perils unlike any man has ever seen before. Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic but it sure was a long trip back home. Anyway, I had a blast in WV. I got to hang out with old friends, play some D&D, and, of course, see my wonderful girlfriend. I finally got to show here World of Warcraft and I’ve now got her curiosity peaked so I might have a convert! Woohoo! Speaking of WoW, I haven’t played in a while.

Anyway, I’m still enjoying my job fixing computers all day and I found out today that I did the most tickets this month! w00t! I did 100 tickets and Tony came in second place with 60, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. It was definitely a boost to my confidence because I was worried that I hadn’t been doing enough tickets over the last couple of weeks. I guess I get brownie points or something for that, who knows :- I also went out today and bought and Airport card for my Mac. I’m loving it so far because I’m out here in the living room typing in my blog! All the powerbooks and iBooks come with wireless connectivity now, but mine didn’t when I bought it. I’m really having a blast with it right now. It’s cool not having to lock myself in my cave so I can play on the internet. I’m not even doing much productive but I’m enjoying myself. My battery life on this baby sucks though. Maybe when Apple switches over to intel the power consumption in the laptops will be reduced a lot. That’s the plan I guess.

I guess I’ll let you guys go do other things now. Not like I was holding you here against your will but sometimes long posts can make you bored. I dont' want to do that. I want to keep my blog as exciting as possible. Stay cool everybody! Later