The Fate of the World

After working as a computer tech for the past few months, I’ve come to realize a few things about the world of a computer Geek. Everyday, I spend all day fixing people’s computers for them, making everything work, and then telling them to have a nice day. I’m an all around super nice guy when I help fix somebody’s computer. Then…It happens: The Server goes down.

All of the sudden I become the enemy. I am the reason that emails can’t be retrieved, the reason files are inaccessible, and the reason that nobody can get work done. It becomes all our fault that nobody can do anything they need to do. And even though people are coming in at midnight and later to make sure the server restore is getting done, people say “IT just doesn’t do anything to help us!”, “IT keeps breaking things and then won’t fix them!”…it makes me sick.

The fate of the world lies on the use of computers and therefore the people who can fix them and maintain them, but we are the most disrespected and stomped on class in society. We come out of what users call our “Cave” and fix the computer and then wander back down to waste time and slack off. We work our fingers to the bone everyday making sure that the world keeps spinning and people show us some of the least amount of respect.

I can only ask why. Why do people not like us? we’re there when you need us but we don’t deserve the same amount of respect you show your co-workers? Where did we go wrong? Why do you blame us when you get a virus, or spyware, or some other evil computer bug that you could have avoided had you not been looking at pr0n or downloading stupid shareware games.

I love being a computer guy, but it sure would be nice if people realized how important we simpe, insignificant specks really are. gotta go now, I’m fixing a computer for somebody for free after fixing them all day long at work. blast my good hearted soul


  1. Steph

    You know whhyyyy they don’t appreciate you. Because they don’t understand you or what you do. People are afraid/don’t like what they don’t know about. Until they can understand you they’ll always think you’re odd and to blame for everything

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