New Job

Sun, Jul 1, 2007 3-minute read

Hey Everybody! I started my new job on friday and so far it’s pretty cool. I’m now a Systems Programmer I, which involves no programming at all and I’m kind of confused about why they called it that. That’s the state for you! Anyway, I’m now an official employee of the State of Florida and I’m working as a Network guy!  I used to be a PC Tech, but now I’m a network tech and I’m troubleshooting…well…network stuff. I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m happy to be moving on from the desktop support side of things and actually being able to do what I got my degree in. They even gave me a cell phone! Which I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet. I guess we’ll see when they finally put me on call for something.

Another thing that has been going on is that I’ve been looking at the iPhone and I’m kind of digging what I’ve been seeing. I know a lot of people have issues with it because there are a lot of things that it can’t do, but there is so much that it can. If I hadn’t just bought this freakin’ awesome new laptop, I’d probably be carrying around an iPhone right now. I guess this is a good thing though, because I need to wait for the 2nd generation and see what improvements there are. I’m the goober that tries to get on the bleeding edge, but it’s never really good to do that because 1st generation stuff breaks ALL the time.

I’ll tell you guys something interesting now :). I’m working on a page for this blog highlighting a bunch of free software that I use on a daily basis that I can’t live without. It’s also just useful stuff that you guys should check out. That should be coming along shortly. I figure that if I’m going to call this site Bits and Binary, that maybe I should put some computer related articles on it.

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is still going really well. It’s getting more and more hits everyday and starting to gain interest. We just did episode 13 and it was freakin’ hilarious. I think we’ve got a good thing going and we’re working really hard to put it out there and get heard. I love podcasting and if I could find a way to do this for a living, it wouldn’t take much convincing for me to start dedicating all my time to it. You guys should check out the show too because it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

Well, you guys take it easy and have a good 4th of July. I’ll be writing again soon!