Prophetic Dream

I had this crazy prophetic dream last night. You know those dreams where you’re in the future and you get to see all the things that *might* happen to you. Well, mine was pretty cool and everything looked alright.

I went to this building where they had a time machine that kind of looked like a doorway with a purple “stargate-ish” watery thing inside it. I walked through and it transported me 5 years into the future. I walked out of the building and somehow found my car which had either North Carolina license plate, or a Florida one. I couldn’t really tell, but it was cool. I still had my Scion tC and it looked really good, minus the scratches on the back. Evidently I’m never going to get that fixed.

I don’t remember what happened after finding my car, but I wound up in the basement of my future house. Chris was there and I told him that I had to keep my eyes shut and hide so I wouldn’t see my future self. I was telling him that I didn’t want to rip a hole in the space/time continuum and screw up everything. Chris insisted that I just go talk to myself, which I relunctantly did. I looked pretty much the same, but I was 27…which is scary to start with. I also met Stephanie and she was smokin’ hot as always :) . She did have shorter hair, it was about down to her shoulders and straight.

After talking for a while, I learned that we were married and had been for 3 years. So from this, I gather that I will be married to Stephanie in 2 years :) . Anyway, I also asked the all important question, “Did you guys *wait*?” To which they answered “yes.” Then I asked them if it was worth it, to which they also answered “yes!” So this solidifies the fact that I wll be a virgin for the next 2 years :) . Also not a big deal, I just wanted to know haha. I got to see our future dog, who was either a dachsund or a Yorkie…the details are fuzzy.

After having dinner with the future “us”, I went to see my mom. She told me that my podcast was huge and I was really successful. Apparently Steph was doing well also, because we had a really big house. It was 3 stories and was really nice. After that I had to leave and I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Crazy Stuff!

This dream was really detailed, and I really hope stuff turns out as well as it did in my dream. I guess we’ll see in 5 years :)

Do you guys ever have dreams like this? If so, what were they about?

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