Fri, Sep 28, 2007 2-minute read

I’m having a hard time waiting on these people from Morgantown to call me. I’m doing what I can but I’ve been having an anxiety attack since Tuesday. I keep holding out all day, thinking maybe they will call me and tell me I got it. Every day this week I’ve come home disappointed, and it sucks. I guess I should’ve known better than to get so excited over it when I had no idea whether it will work out or not. I’ve still got tomorrow, Friday, to see if they call. I think I’m going to call them if they don’t get in touch with me by 2pm or so. I just need to know what they are doing and whether they’ve picked someone or not.

I just thought I would keep you guys updated and let you know what’s going on in wild world of Stephen. I think people think I’m overreacting with this whole job thing, but I don’t think they understand what it means to me. I don’t NEED a job. I have an awesome job that I love. This whole situation isn’t about getting a job and a paycheck. This is a ticket to happiness for me. I’m not saying that I’m miserable, or that I’m depressed. I’m just saying that I can’t be fully content and happy without Stephanie who is (as cheesy as it sounds) the love of my life. I NEED her. We’ve been apart too long and we are tired of having to do this. I’m trying to be patient, and I know God won’t toss me anything I can’t handle, but I’m just tired. The worst part is that the only person who feels like this, or can understand, is 800 miles away. The only thing people here can give me, that is if I can talk to them about it at all, is a nice “You’ll get it, buddy” or some kind of joke. I love that I have friends that can try to make me feel better, but it’s just not enough anymore.

Anyway, I guess I should quit worrying about it and just let things happen. Every now and then I have to pour my heart out on this blog and let you guys know whats going on. I don’t to sound desperate, but I really do need them to call tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know what happens.