Stupid People Bug Me

Wed, Oct 24, 2007 3-minute read

So an interesting little tidbit popped up in the news the other day and has forced the crazy folk out into the wild again with their stupid theories and ridiculous assumptions. And that news is….Dumbledore is GAY.

J.K. Rowling announced the other day that her beloved character from the famous Harry Potter series is a homesexual. The crowd she announced this to had a mixed reaction of cheers and gasps. This all came about when a child asked if Dumbledore had ever been in love with a girl, so of course she had no choice but to let them all know why he hadn’t. She revealed that he had a relationship with the wizard Grindelwald, who ended up being his nemesis. It was because of this that Dumbledore was able to overlook most of the evil things that he was doing. It’s the same reason we can overlook why our loved ones do bad things…Love.

portrait2.jpg Well anyway, after all this the anti-potterists out there decided that this is further proof that Harry Potter is a detriment to society and is turning our children into evil little witchcraft practicers. That’s only logical, right!? NO! I’m sick of the world blaming the media for kids going nuts, much less blaming a simple BOOK. It’s a book about a magical world where amazing things happen, and YES evil is present and a constant force that is attempting to destroy everything we know and love. How is this different from the world we live in? As J.K. Rowling says, the book is mainly a lesson in tolerance. The message is preached through the whole thing. Different people, the prejudice of muggles against wizards and the other way around. It’s stupid that we can think this book has any other message around it other than a good one.

What annoys me the most is that a ton of fundamentalist Christians jumped on this bandwagon. I am a Christian, but unlike some of my counterparts, am actually a rational thinker. Does it make sense that a book is corrupting the youth and turning them toward a life of evil…..NO! Does it make sense that tons of kids are practicing witchcraft simply based on a book…NO! If your kids are flipping out on you, it’s probably because you didn’t teach them right, or you smother them with idealistic crap when they just want to be a kid. I went to a Christian school for a long time and a lot of the stuff that some people thought is just crazy. I’ve gotten out into the real world since then and I haven’t lost a bit of the core values of what I believe, but I think the people I went to school with can be really judgmental and unaccepting now. That school taught a lot of things, but a tolerance for other people’s way of life wasn’t one of them.

Anyway, I rarely get on a high horse about stuff on this blog, but sometimes I feel like it’s just necessary. So Dumbledore is gay…who cares?! They didn’t have homo sex scenes, or Harry Potter being violated in the book. They didn’t advertise it. Most people didn’t even know or think about it until 2 days ago! Let it go. Who cares? It’s a book, and an amazing book at that. It should be just as awesome now as it was before you knew this crap. You go Dumbledore…be gay…have fun.