Free Movie with Batman Trailer!

Holy Freakin’ Awesome Trailer, Batman! I think I peed my pants at the theatre when I saw this thing. Everybody has been foaming at the mouth for the first full video of Heath Ledgers portrayal of one of the most iconic villains in the history of villaindom. I, needless to say, was amazed at how great of a job Mr. Ledger did! It’s exactly what the Joker is supposed to be. He’s a psychopath in every way, shape, and form. His laugh, perfect; his look, perfect; his relating himself to Batman just in a slightly skewed fashion, perfect! The poster below says it all. I cannot wait for this movie. I’m seriously so excited for this! I could probably watch the trailer another 300 times.

Speaking of trailer, watch this website for it on Sunday to see it in all it’s Hi-Res glory:


 Oh yeah..I Am Legend was good too

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