Home Movies!

Tue, Mar 4, 2008 3-minute read

Yesterday I finally finished going through all the home movies that I have, and I actually found a few things that I had forgotten that I recorded. Apparently I recorded all of the 2004 Jr/Sr and I forgot all about it! home movies There was so much footage of my friends and how much fun we had that night. I hung out with my good buddy Ryan Belcher so much, and I had even bought him a shirt and wrote “I am a hot mama” on it because he was always saying that. I forgot how much fun we had that night and it was nice to see all of my friends on it and relive those moments for a bit.

I also found the movie that I was talking about making a few years back called “The Shed.” I found all the uncut footage as well as the near-complete version! I was so excited when I saw it, because I didn’t think that I had actually finished cutting it together. It’s missing some music and I really should have added some scenes that I didn’t put in the final cut, and I’ve actually thought about going back and fixing it. Most of the beginning is all done, but the ended looks like it was chopped together in a hurry. It was really an awesome movie and we had a good time making it. I should really go back and throw the whole thing together so everybody can have it. I wonder what music I would throw in….hmmmmm.

dvorak I also decided that I wanted to try using the Dvorak Keyboard Layout. It’s a really unusual layout but some people swear that you can type faster on it than you ever could using QWERTY keyboards. I’m kind of interested so I may very well train myself to use it and see if it actually makes a difference in my typing speed. I’m a super fast typist so I somehow don’t think I’ll see that much of a difference, but I’ll have to try it for a year or two before I decide. The hardest part is making yourself learn something new without switching back to the tride and true version of the keyboard that you’ve always used. I’m trying to make myself use it and in time I might actually get pretty fast at it. It’s going to take a long while though. I remember it took me forever just to start typing on a normal keyboard faster that 50 wpm.

The Dvorak keyboard layout was developed once computers came along because there really is no reason for QWERTY to still be the standard. The reason we have the QWERTY keyboard is because when typewriters were first developed, the layout of these keys were designed so that the hammers of the typewriter wouldn’t jam up all the time. The letters that are most often used together are spaced farther apart, therefore actually make the layout more inefficient. Dvorak tries to correct that by laying out the keys so that you can reach the most important keys without having to do much work. For example, the vowels can all be typed with one hand. Just take a look at the picture I’ve included with this post and you can see.

That’s another update to the wild and wonderful life of Stephen Adams. I hope you guys still enjoy this blog after so long, and once again I’ll just say that I’ll try to blog more. Thanks for still reading it!