This Iron Giant Can't Be Beat

Fri, May 2, 2008 3-minute read

I am going to go into complete “Geek-Out” mode for this post and I apologize ahead of time for any kind of psycho rambling that i may go into. I’m giong to make this the most spoiler-free that I can, but be warned that I can wander into gray areas.

Iron Man is the best superhero ever made…period! I am willing to lay this statement down onto the interweb so you can hold me to it after Batman comes out. Okay, well I guess Iron Man is the best superhero movie up to this point. It had everything that I expected and so much more! It was accurate, the acting was superb, the action was perfect, the story held together, and…did I mention how accurate it was?? Thank God that Marvel is in control of their movies now, because this was better than I ever imagined.

To kick it off, I have got to talk about the accuracy of the story in general. This was the best adventure they could have sent Iron Man on for his first film. The origin was there and it was complete, utter perfection. Marvel is now in total control of the way the movies flow due to them owning the studio that produces the films. This gives them the uncanny, previously unthinkable ability to control the directions of the heroes, the stories, and all the characters in general. This is an incredible step forward for comic book movies in general. Don’t expect much trash to start coming out of Marvel Studios any time soon. These guys respect the characters in their arsenal and I highly doubt that they would let someone do them wrong cough Ang Lee’s Hulk cough.

R obert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark was probably the best casting decision EVER! Robert Downey Jr’s life pretty much parallels that of Tony Stark. Depression, alcoholism, general wrecklessness, that’s pretty much how he lives. The guy had the charm, humor, and the incredible wit that Tony Stark is known for. This man owns every single scene he is in. It’s perfect. I really have nothing else to say about this, it was just exactly as it needed to be.

One of the most impressive things about this film is that they catered to the comic book fans more than any movie to date. They respected us, and wrote a story that made us feel like they really care. The subtle hints about S.H.I.E.L.D, War Machine, and finally The Avengers were completely perfect. Anybody who is a comic book fan will get chills from these things, and even people who aren’t can enjoy this movie. They definitely balanced the nerd factor enough to keep the normal people from freaking out. NOTE: Wait until after the credits for the ultimate geek out!!

I definitely think you guys should see this movie and I can’t really say much more than that. It beats all the previous movies in almost any other way. The only piece of advice that I can really give is that you HAVE TO wait until after the credits. There is a secret scene that will make any comic book fan wet his pants. I am not EVEN kidding. Go as soon as possible!

That is all