Thu, Dec 18, 2008 3-minute read

I really canNOT believe that it has been so long since I’ve written in my blog. That’s just stupid. Who leaves their blog on the internet to just ROT like I have. This is inexcusable and I should be expelled from the blogosphere for all eternity. It’s a good thing that there isn’t some kind of blogger inquisition that can stop me from doing that which I enjoy. I really do love this blog, and I’m going to look back someday and realize how stupid I was for not writing in it more. It’s kind of like when you go do some really awesome thing and you don’t bring a camera. Or worse, you bring the camera but you don’t take any pictures! I have so many events like that, and since I dont' have a very good memory all those events are just lost in the ether. Oh well!

Things have been alright around these parts, but I must say that they could be better. It’s freakin' snowy up here in Morgantown! It’s crazy! I knew that it would snow some because I’m not an idiot, it’s West Virginia, but holy crap! Every time I leave the house in the morning it’s like a snowy downpour. That doesn’t bother me as much as the ice does. I work too far away for it to be snowing as bad as it does. I s’pose that’s just the way it is and I should probably get over it. I’m working on that ;)

It’s Christmas, ladies and gentlemen! I’m so excited over that! I love Christmastime and I’ve made some pretty interesting observations as I get older. I used to think that getting presents was the coolest part. You get to rip open a box, cut your fingers to pieces on clamshell packaging, anad get to use your dad’s knife because you always forget yours. Those are some of the great joys of this time of year. I have found out, however, that once you get money the desire to get things for others increases! I have SO much fun finding gifts for people and seeing their faces when they open them. They get so excited! I can’t wait to have kids for this very reason. This is really the great joy of Christmas. Well of course there is my savior’s birth, which is the true joy, but this is fantastic! Seeing people smile is great. Okay…mush-tastic moment is over. You can stop gagging now. 

So I just want to say Merry Christmas, Happy Haunnakah, Happy Kwanzaa to you all! I apologize profusely for probably spelling Haunnakah totally wrong. You guys rock! Enjoy the holidays!