Mon, Dec 22, 2008 3-minute read

I’m sitting at Stephanie’s desk right now typing up this blog post and I’m starting to really dig it. I used to think that desks needed to be huge, but lately I’ve been leaning to a more minimalist desk. Everything she has is all neatly organized right where you need it and there really is no extra space to clutter things up. I’m starting to find out that having more space means just having another place to stick crap you don’t need. My desk is HUGE, but it really is just more to dust and makes things more sloppy.Steph Desk

I hear that IKEA has some pretty sweet, minimalist desks so I may start looking into getting something else. The only downside to something this small is that I can’t have more than one monitor. I really won’t NEED more than one once I get my Mac Pro though. Exposé makes things so easy :).

Anyway, that’s not really why I started writing this post. I had the most fantastic weekend! I spend it at Steph’s house celebrating Christmas with her and her family, and we had such an awesome time! Stephanie got me Superman’s Cape! Yeah, that’s right. I am the proud owner of a perfect replica of Superman’s Cape and Belt. It’s not hear yet because it was on backorder, but once I get it it’s getting hung up in a perfect location in my apartment. I picked her up a Vera Bradley bag and Prince of Persia for the Xbox 360. She’s so excited to play it! I left the Xbox with her when I left so she could play it while I’m gone.

One of the coolest parts of this weekend though was hanging out with Lando and Patrick while I was in. It’s been so long since the three of us got together and hung out. We discovered after a bit that adults don’t do the same things kids do when they “hang out.” I pretty much invited them to run around and perform menial tasks with me. They went with me while I Christmas shopped for Steph’s parents. It sounds really boring, but surprisingly enough we really had an awesome time. It was cool catching up and sharing that good ol’ chemistry that we had in high school. I’m glad we can all get back together like that and still enjoy ourselves. We played a killer game of Rock Band. Lando got tons of video that I’m sure he will post to YouTube at some point. I would watch it!

Lando got a killer HD Camcorder, and he’s given me the bug. I used to film everything and I kind of fell off from doing it, but HD is soooo pretty. He’s taking it to Thailand when he goes, so hopefully he’ll film and post a lot while he’s there. I’m excited for him.