Like the Seal Song Goes

Wed, Dec 24, 2008 3-minute read

I am finding it so very hard to get motivated to clean up. I’ve done everything I need to do before I go on my trip to Florida, but I need to get the crap out of the refrigerator. It’s just about the nastiest job that needs to be done in a house. Unless you have small children that throw up a lot, in which case that would be much worse. I, however, do not have small children so the bane of my existence right now is that stupid refrigerator and it’s leftovers. Noodles, cheese, salad, and other crap is littered around in it just begging to be destroyed by my mighty hands. Wow, I’m actually making this sound kind of cool.

airplane1rgb I’m totally packed up to go on my trip, minus my computer because I’m using it, and I am very excited to go. I’m not so excited for the plane ride. It’s at least going to be warm when I leave so I won’t have to worry about snow and ice. I checked out Google Maps to see what the parking lot looks like and where my turns are so I’m all prepared for that. I guess I’m kind of nervous about the plane ride because you never know what’s going to happen once that multi-ton hunk of steel takes to the air. I guess it’s just the fear of not being in control of the situation. I’m just kind of helpless sitting there wedged between a window and a businessman. Maybe I’ll sit next to a talker.

I’ve met some pretty awesome people on plane rides before. I’m a pretty social person in general so if someone is willing to have a conversation with me then I can carry on a pretty good one. I met a guy from IBM once who traveled around advertising their products. That was pretty cool. I also met a guy who played in the Florida A&M marching band. They have one of the best bands in the country so it was cool talking to him about that. As I sit here typing I’m kind of psyching myself up for the trip! Good job, blog!

flip-mino I’ve been looking at HD cameras online ever since I saw Lando’s and the picture was so crisp and clear. I’m really tempted to get a Flip Mino HD, but I’m kind of hesitant because I still want a big camera that has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a camcorder. But it would be nice to have something pocket sized to get video for uploading to YouTube and stuff. I would probably do much more YouTube content if I had a camera like that that makes it so simple. I’ll probably end up with one eventually. I really want it before the snowboard trip. I can’t lug my MiniDV camera up the mountain without being scared I’ll break it. The Flip Mino HD would be much more practical.

Well, I’m off to take on the refrigerator and all it’s hidden secrets. I’ll try to blog a little from Florida since I’m back in the groove and really enjoying it. You guys take it easy!