Last Day With Lando

Sat, Jan 3, 2009 2-minute read

My best friend Landon is making a great trek tomorrow across the ocean to the land of Thai, otherwise known as Thailand. I’m really excited for him to go over there and learn a crapton of stuff about Muay Thai, but I’m also very sad to be losing him for three months. I guess this is how he felt when I took off to Florida and didn’t come back for five years. It sucks, but he’s only going to be gone for a few months then he’ll be back. Until he heads off to Europe that is. It’s pretty awesome.

ninja-steve We had a blast today though while roadtrippin' to Charlotte, NC for his flight. We went to two malls here and got to eat at an A&W, which is awesome because we never get to do that. The malls here were absolutely huge. We went to the Concord Mills mall and I bought a handful of stuff. I got an underarmor “ninja” mask. It’s really called a hood but it makes me look like a ninja. It’s for my snowboard trip. I also picked up some gloves and a couple accessories for my Flip Mino. Landon kept giving me crap all day for my purchase of a holder for it. It’s kind of weird how you put it in there, but it serves it’s purpose. I also got the mount-it-anywhere tripod so I can stick it to stuff. Hopefully I can get some good use out of that too. Still think I need a GorillaPod though.

After our adventures we made our way to a hotel and we found a freaking awesome one! We’re staying at the Hyatt Place near the airport and it is absolutely HUGE. Our room has so much space it’s stupid. They also have a bar downstairs, WiFi, and continental breakfast in the morning. I’m loving this place so far. Lando is hard at work on his blog and I’m excited to see what comes of it, seeing as it’s the main form of communication we’ll have with him for 3 months. He’ll be documenting his adventures through film and the written word for those interested. Just check out his blog at

Well, I’m going to hop off of here and go spend some time with my buddy before we have to hit the hay. Then it’s back to Beckley tomorrow and continuing on to Morgantown the next day. Should be fun!