Going Home!

Sun, Jan 11, 2009 One-minute read

snowshoe_trip_2009-055 Today is the day that we head back down this mountain and back to good ol' Morgantown! I’m excited to get back home but I’m really devastated to leave all my buddies. I’ve really had good time with the guys, both on the slopes and off. I’m glad that we got this opportunity to get together and I hope we can do it more often.

Moments Later!

Matt just walked in the door and apparently took a nose-dive onto a funbox out in the trick park. He’s got short-term memory loss and is a little loopy, but he’s okay! I guess we’re supposed to remind him of things every so often to make sure that he remembers to let us know if he’s nauseated or gets a headache. He looks okay and he’s talking a lot but he can’t really remember a whole lot of what happened. Poor guy. I think he’ll be alright as long as we keep him from taking a nap O_o.

Just watched the video Phil had of him taking a dive and it looked painful. Great way to end a trip I guess! At least he got a few good days of snowboarding in!