The Greatest Show on Earth

I’m sitting here tonight trying to think of something to do and it’s just not coming to me. I’ve got so much stuff that I think I should be doing, but I can’t do it all at once so I’ve got to get some priorities. I want to beat Prince of Persia, but I also need to play World of Warcraft before I forget what in the world I’m doing. But I also need to work on Horseshoes & Hand Grenades a bit. I’ve been playing with the idea of updating the website becuase our 100th episode is coming up.

Ash and I were talkinga the other day while we were meandering down the mountain after she ripped her knee in half, and we think we should catch up on our episodes. We missed a couple weeks because of the holidays and now we’ve been up for 93 weeks but only have 91 episodes. I don’t really know what to do to fix this but something has to be done soon. I can’t decide if we should go back and do a couple episodes about old stuff, or if we should do a couple special episodes. What kind of episodes would be special though? It’s not like we can have a Christmas special, seeing as Christmas is good and over. I’ll think of something though.

We also talked about the New Media Expo this year. We’re definitely planning on going and I really can’t wait. I think it will help our show out a lot since onliy the real serious podcasters actually pay money to go to stuff like this. I hope it’s in Vegas again this year because that would be an awesome trip. Maybe it won’t be all too expensive either. Speaking of, I think I’m going to look up some info on it. Later!

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