I am busy at work on revamping the Horseshoes & Hand Grenades web site and I need a break! I think I’m going crazy looking at all these wordpress themes and doing everything I can to figure out which one will be an improvement to our page without sacrificing usability. It’s not nearly as easy as it all sounds. I’ve looked at a ridiculous amount of themes for everything from news sites, magazine sites, blogs, photo sites, and even superfan sites for Ricky Martin. Yeah, they still have those. It’s a nightmare.

I really do want to improve our site but I think I may just have to do so while retaining the theme that we’ve got. I can change the header and add some pretty sweet widgets to either size of content to make it POP. I’ll figure something out, it’s just giving me more of a headache than I originally anticipated. I’m not going to give up, but I’ll probably tone down my crazy brain. I feel like Peter Molyneux when he was promoting Fable. A whole lot of ideas but no real way to deliver. I’m not a web designer by any means so I just have to work within my sandbox. That sandbox is WordPress.

Is anybody out there with theme suggestions?

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