The Hero Returns

Tue, Feb 10, 2009 3-minute read

030825-N-4943L-002 I wrote a post on this blog on February 22, 2005 detailing the downfall of my favorite band in the whole world: Blink 182. I can’t even explain to you how devastated I was that the band that made me want to play music, wasn’t going to be playing music together anymore. It’s kind of like my whole musical life fell apart right there. Not only did I not have my old band, Eveningside, I lost the band that made me want to play guitar in the first place. That was not a fun day for me, and I thought it was all over. And it was….until now.

Last night on the 51st grammy awards, Blink 182 came out on stage together and announced that they were back! I actually didn’t even get to see this! I wasn’t paying any attention to the grammy’s last night becuase, let’s face it, they are LAME most of the time. I actually got a call from my wonderful mom this morning on the way to work. She told me and I nearly jumped out of my seat in joy! It was completely unexpected and I totally didn’t believe her at first, but then I just let myself give in to the thought that my favorite band may be back in business. The first thing I did once I got to work was google it and there it was! Blink 182 is back and plans to pick up right where they left off.

blink182 I thought for sure that they would never be back together again. Mark had +44 and was doing so well, and so was Tom with Angels & Airwaves. I loved both of those bands, but neither of them were as good as Blink ever was. Tom and Mark have a chemistry in music that allows them to create some of the coolest songs I’ve ever heard. It’s kind of like having a music soul mate. I feel that way about my friend Patrick. No matter how long we go without talking to each other, or how different we become from one another, we will ALWAYS have our music. I could pick up a guitar and play with him like it was yesterday. I don’t know that I’ll ever find someone else that I can click with like that.

I’m super excited for what the future holds with the newly reformed Blink. I’m so glad they were able to set aside their differences and come back to their roots. I have no idea what to expect, but I know that I’ll love it. I loved the last CD they did, even though they did take a darker turn. They’ve all been through so much in the last four years that I’m sure they will have plenty of material. I’m just glad they can be friends again. They were best friends before the fallout and when something that dramatic happens it’s hard to pick up the pieces. I’m so glad they did.

Here’s to you, Blink 182! Teach me how to rock again.