Sick @ Home

Tue, Sep 1, 2009 3-minute read

I can’t stand missing work. As much as I like being at home, I do NOT like being at home on days when I am supposed to be working. There are some days, though, where you just have to bite the bullet and not go. Today, my friends, is one of those days. I’m home sick and desperately wishing I was at work with something to do. Go figure that my body picks a day to act up when the World of Warcraft servers are under scheduled maintenance. This gives me even less to do. I suppose I could read or do something else that is mildly educational, and I suppose that’s why I’m writing this blog post. Giving my brain a little exercise.

championsonline-1050 So today is also the day that the highly anticipated superhero MMO Champions Online is released. I’m really tempted to pick up this game because it looks amazing in all the gameplay footage and I love the concept of being a superhero. I just don’t know if I’m ready to dump $50 into another game. I also don’t know that I have the time to play WoW AND another MMO like Champions. I played the pen & paper Champions game back in the day and really enjoyed it. From what I understand about the game, they pretty much provide you the same degree of customization for your superhero as the pen & paper game did. To me that is a huge incentive to get in on the game. I can have wings if I want to!

I’ve also got a friend or two that play and I think it would be pretty cool to jump in and play with them every now and then. Since none of them got into World of Warcraft, this is my best bet at actually getting some time to play with those guys. I really should have gotten in on the beta to decide if I wanted to play it. I bought Conan when it first came out and it was a miserable experience. I found the game the other day and contemplated just throwing away the whole thing, and I probably should have. But you always have to take a risk before you know if you really want to participate in something or not. Eh, I might just buy it and cross my fingers. It comes out in about an hour and I can safely download it from within my quarantine chamber. I also need to get some food, but I don’t need to venture out into the elements to get it. Why can’t you order healthy food with the internet!?