All Natural

Sat, Sep 5, 2009 2-minute read

I decided that today was another day that it would be necessary to blog, but throughout the day nothing of interest really happened that I deemed blogworthy. Steph and I did travel to her parents house in Beckley to stay for the weekend and do some wedding planning, but aside from Stephanie’s endless babbling of incoherent words in order to keep herself awake, nothing big really happened. Well, nothing really happened until we got here anyway.

As I lie here in this comfy bed in the guest bedroom that Stephanie’s mom, who I affectionally call Mama Field, set up for me the only thing that I can think about is this HORRID taste in my mouth. I’m a proponent of all natural substitutes for most things. I like stuff that hasn’t been doctored, preserved, sugar-fied, and then injected with hormones. People lived for thousands of years without stuff like that to screw with their food. There is one thing, however, that I canNOT use and that thing is all natural toothpaste. I’ve learned a valuable lesson tonight: all natural things are great, as long as you don’t have to put them in your mouth and scrub them around your pearly whites. I’m sure my teeth are super clean and are so very happy that I viciously attacked the plaque demons with my toothbrush of doom, but my tongue is clearly very upset at having tasted it.

Brushing your teeth with all natural mint toothpaste is like putting a glob of Mentholadum in your mouth. My sinuses are certainly clear, but that satisfying cool breath feel is sadly missing. Needless to say, the toothpaste wasn’t mine, but since I left mine at home I went through my usual houseguest custom of using other people’s stuff. I didn’t intentionally leave my toothpaste at home, unlike my soap and shampoo which I never pack, but I think I’ve learned a valuable lesson about borrowing stuff. Karma definitely found it’s way back to me tonight, and it gave me a cotton mouth.