Sun, Sep 6, 2009 2-minute read

Today it has officially begun! Stephanie and I have booked the wedding planner that is going to carry us through until we say our vows and walk away from the altar as Mr. and Mrs. Adams. I’m so excited for this it’s ridiculous. I took some video of us talking about the what happened and everything, but I have to edit it together first. So this is the tale in text, and those of you who can’t read will have to wait until I get the video put together.

We ended up finding this wedding planner when Steph went to look at some wedding dresses just out of curiosity. She met the lady who owns the dress shop and found out that she doubles as a wedding planner. Go figure! So we set up a time to meet today and finally got to talk to her about our plans and what we want to do. She was so nice, attentive, and energetic. Steph and I both got great vibes right from the start and absolutely loved everything she had to say. She seemed very down to earth and willing to help us out and make our lives easier for the next 8 months. I think it did take Stephanie’s parents a little time to warm up to her, but there really is a lot to think about.

We’re going out with her on Monday to look at a few locations and see what we like best. We really need to find a place and then we can relax a little bit. If all else fails we both said we’d just get married in a backyard. Hopefully we can find our dream spot though and get all this squared away. Then it’s on to picking flowers, which I can only imagine will be SO much more difficult.