The Lost Symbol

Wed, Oct 7, 2009 2-minute read

the_lost_symbol I just finished the latest book by critically acclaimed author Dan Brown, and I totally loved it! Because I have such a long commute, I decided to just pick up the audiobook version on and give it a listen. This is one of the most intense books I’ve read/listened to in a while. Dan Brown really knows how to flesh out characters and give you a crazy puzzling story that sends your brain in so many different directions. I’d never read any of the Robert Langdon stories before, though I did give Da Vinci Code a try. I couldn’t finish that one, but this one totally sucked me in from the start.

I’m not going to give you guys any spoilers, so that pretty much means I can’t talk about the book at all. But I can tell you that it is definitely worth a read if you liked National Treasure at all. This follows that whole “Masonic legend” story, but it has much, much darker undertones and an incredibly vile antagonist. The mystery will keep you guessing and you’ll never see the end coming.

I typed all that just to tell you this: go get that book! You won’t regret it. The audiobook version was even fantastic, and the reader did an excellent job keeping the pace up and bringing out the intensity. Sometimes I wish he would have read faster, but that’s just because I eagerly wanted to know what the answers to this mystery were. Well, that’s it for now! Go read The Lost Symbol <– There’s a link to amazon just for you to go pick it up now. Why wait?