Hangin' In Nawlins - Part 3

Thu, Oct 29, 2009 3-minute read

So it’s been a couple weeks since we actually returned from Nawlins, but I wanted to at least post a little about our trip because we had so much fun! I had a blast down there and got to see so much cool stuff, and I definitely wasn’t ready to leave when we had to. I’ll summarize how some of our days were while we were down there.

The biggest, most awesome thing about being in Nawlins was that my parents and sister came to see us! I haven’t seen them since May and I was so happy when they decided they would make it to Nawlins to visit with Steph and I and kind of have a little mini vacation. They were set to get to the hotel a few hours after Steph and I would, so we decided to go wander around the town for a minute and see what was out there. We didn’t do much but go down canal street and both of us were absolutely amazed at all the lights, music, and everything else about the place. We ducked down a street for a minute so I could look at a sign for a “Hat Store” and see if it was a hat store for baseball caps, or an actual hat store for fedoras, cowboy hats, and the like. It was totally a fedora store! I put that on my list of things to see while there. More on that later.

We got back to the hotel and met up with my parents who I was ecstatic to see! It had been way too long and I was so excited they got to come over. We helped them get settled in their hotel room, and then took off for some food.  We decided on Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, because we all love shrimp and I LOVE Forrest Gump with every fiber of my being. It was a good miles or so away so we just walked to it and got to see a lot of the city because of that. Wandering through the French Quarter for the first time was really cool, but it was a tad unnerving walking through there at night. Especially when we didn’t yet know what streets were safe. After we got back from this vacation I learned that Nawlins has the highest amount of pickpockets per capita in the US. I really wish I had known that before.

Anyway, I’m not going to detail my entire dinner at Bubba Gump, but I will tell you that I won us a free dessert. They offered a challenge, of which I had to take part, where they ask three Forrest Gump related questions. I was all like, “Lets do this!” I have seen Forrest Gump a ton of times, and I hold that movie very close to my heart simply because I think it’s amazing and quite possibly the best movie ever made, in my humble opinion. I totally nailed all three questions without so much as a hesitation and won us a free Mud Pie. I absolutely loved that Mud Pie, which was big enough for 4 people, but I think I enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing those answers even more.

We went home after that, sufficiently stuffed, and got a bit of sleep. We were going to have another big day the next day and felt like it was probably a good idea just to get some rest.

And that' s another story for another night. I swear I’ll finish this whole saga in a couple more posts so hang in there, readers! It’s just finding the time to tell it now :)