Sound Effect Madness!

Tonight was H&H night for me, and I have to say that it went swimmingly! We had an absolute blast making the show, as we always do, and got a few people in the chat that I have no idea who they were. I thought one of them might be my dad, but this person typed to well for it to possibly be him. All in all, the show went off without a hitch, except for when I muted myself so Ash couldn’t hear, and when I had to take a poo at the beginning of the show because my bowels refuse to cooperate on show night. Good times!

I’ve been experimenting with sound effects on the show lately and I think it’s adding a bit of fun to the show. It’s great to listen to people chit-chat with each other about every little thing, but sometimes it’s good to add some variety. I’ve started throwing in rimshots, music, and other sounds to add some liveliness to what we’re doing. Overall, I think it’s going over well with the listener base. No complaints yet! I’m pretty sure that the Sanford and Son theme from last week put some listeners in stitches. They loved it! I’m trying to find a happy medium though and not completely beat people over the head with weird noises.

Another thing I’ve been doing differently lately is adding a special section to the show where we do something COMPLETELY different from anything we’ve done before. I made up a game called the Google Game, which debuted on episode 141, where Ashley has to guess the top “suggestion” under Google Suggests. So I type in some random word like “Cake” and it gives me back a search string like “Cake Boss”. I come up with a handful of choices and she has to guess the right one. That proved to easy to cheat with however, so I’m trying to vary stuff. Tonight we decided to guess who the Oscar Winners will be in some of the main categories. This one should be fun because neither of us can cheat at it.

I also decided to throw down the gauntlet on Ash, like I talked about yesterday, challenging her to a BLOG OFF. Anytime she forgets to write for that day, she has to buy me a drink…or something comparable. The same thing goes for me. So this should help us both stay motivated to write, and potentially help us form the habit of doing it. I think we’re on to something here.

What’s the next phase in H&H development you ask? Why WORLD DOMINATION of course!


  1. Ash

    I will NOT be beaten by you in this blog battle! WILL NOT!

    Also, yeah, everyone ELSE can hear the fun noises…. I just sit in duh land and wait for you to speak again. It’s so lonely w/o the noise 🙁

    I’m enjoying the special section bits! Tonight’s was fun 🙂

    I’m glad we have you to head the HnH bus… or the poor thing would be sinking in my pond of neglect!

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