Tony Horton is Evil

Tue, Feb 9, 2010 2-minute read

For those of you scratching your noggins over who the heck I’m talking about, he is the evil mastermind for the P90X program. P90X is a deadly concoction put together by madmen to make your body hate you for 90 days, but in the end come back to love you forever. According to the program, it’s designed for those who are already somewhat fit to build more muscle and get a wee bit more toned and built. Maybe I should say “ripped” or “cut” in order to hang with these new age hip cats.

I gave this program a try for the first time tonight and decided that it feels really good to get up and get your blood moving. Steph and I did an hour of Kenpo, which, from what I could tell, is some kind of martial art aimed at kicking people in the nuts. I kid you not, there is a kick simply called the “ball kick”. I’ll let you visualize what that one looks like. I just read that sentence to Steph, and now I know just how little of a grasp I have on what Kenpo is. I’m satisfied with my simple definition however. So I spent an hour learning to kick invisible people in the balls.

It did wear me out quite a bit though. By about 25 minutes in, my arms were hating me, my calves wanted to eat my soul, and my groin was giving me the cold shoulder. I failed at breaking through “The Wall” at 25 minutes in though and took a short breather. Steph, however, is like a machine. I learned just how unfit I am simply by watching her laugh at Tony Horton’s feeble attempts at making her sweat. I also learned that if I am going to continue to do this stuff with her, then I need some real exercise pants. Justice League pajama pants just aren’t going to cut it.

I’ll keep you guys posted on this hardcore exercise thing that I seem to have wrapped myself up in. I’m not going to be doing full on P90X though. Steph has planned out a mix of stuff to do, and I think I’m just going to follow along with what she does. We’ll see what happens. I guess I should just start by trying to stay on it for more than a few days. As odd as this may sound, the only real reason I did it tonight was because I wanted an interesting subject to blog about. I think it worked!