Life Modification

Mon, Jul 12, 2010 3-minute read

I started running.

YES! You heard me right.

I have spent the years since gym class NOT running for any reason whatsoever, except for an occasional game of spotlight, or running from a ruthless animal out for my blood. I have never once considered running to be a recreational activity, but my eyes started to open a bit when I watched Zombieland. Holy Crap! If I don’t start running, the zombie apocalypse is going to take me out! Nothing like the fear of zombies to motivate somebody to change their lifestyle.

My best good friend, Lando, arrived in Morgantown a couple weeks ago to start a new job, with me of all people, and I asked him to help me get in shape. You see, Lando has been to Thailand and trained with the great Muay Thai masters over there, so of course I would ask him to help me out. Lando went through a lifestyle change of his own a couple years ago, and the guy is unrecognizable as the person he used to be. I’m incredibly proud and amazed at how someone can drive themselves, with no outside influence, to make a 180. He’s got that magic, I don’t. So I needed some help to nudge me along.

We started running last week and I thought I was going to die the first couple of times. Not only are we running around the apartment complex, but we’re getting back to the apartment and doing a few sets of sit-ups, crunches, pull-ups, and push-ups. That’s a whole lot for a guy like me who has a history of not being the least bit active. I’m actually pretty sure that I have only maintained this weight because I don’t eat that much, which I’m learning is a necessary thing to do if you ARE going to be active. Food=Good! ¬†Tonight was the 4th night of running. We were moving Lando into his new place all weekend so I’m pretty sure all those stairs count for something. I felt better after tonight’s run than I have after any of the previous ones, so I think I’m making progress.

I’m just honestly proud of myself for even doing this. I’ve never liked doing things like this but I recognize the necessity for it. If I’m going to stay in shape…or get in shape..then this is what must be done. I honestly couldn’t think of anyone more fit to help me out than Lando though. The dude has his stuff together. He’s helping me break years of inactivity, and come to terms with my hatred of traditional exercise. Let’s just say that 7th grade gym class haunts me to this day. I still think some people need to die in a fire, and I hate mesh gym shorts, but I’m getting over all the stuff that has bothered me for years. At some point you just have to take it back, and quit letting old crappy memories control what you do.

I think I may give Forrest Gump a run for his money in a few years :P