Wed, Jan 11, 2012 3-minute read

It’s almost embarrassing that I haven’t written in this blog since June of last year. I honestly had no idea that it had been that long! Clearly my life has been incredibly boring and nothing of note has happened. I guess that’s the only time I really write anything, and I try not to just put things out on my blog just because. I’m considering changing that now that we’re so near to the end of the world.

A lot of crazy stuff has been going on lately that really makes me think that I want to keep this thing up to date. I’ve seen quite a bit of loss in the last few weeks, or heard about people that have been lost or others may lose. I know it’s pretty grim but you can’t help thinking about it every now and then, especially when so much happens all at once. I think that the internet has really provided a better sense of closure for people during events like that since you really get to keep all of the things that someone did in a record. My blog should be around for a really long time, until they finally decide I’ll never pay my bills.

I know this is really out of character for me to write about, but it’s just something I thought about a few minutes ago while sitting here. Nobody panic! I’m honestly fascinated by the idea people are surviving more than in just people’s memories now. We have so much “data” from someones brain through all the tweets, facebook posts, and blogs now. I can’t help but think how awesome it would be to have those kinds of direct resources about my grandparents or even my parents now. Imagine the link you’d have with them when you actually get to read what they thought about life and all that happens in it. These outlets for expression have really made sure that nobody can screw with history. I guess they can, but it would be much more difficult. I would hope it would be anyway.

These social media outlets are really a way to preserve history for exactly what it is. For better or for worse. People write about everything and anything and it really gives a snapshot of culture for that moment in time. I love that idea. I truly hope that all these things survive and stay around well into the future so that generations beyond us can see and maybe understand a little about where they came from. I know I would have loved that opportunity.

I have no idea where all of this came from, but I just felt like I needed to blog about something and this is what came out. I really need to do this more often. :)