Project Blue Devil

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 3-minute read

A TON of things have happened since my last post here. I don’t even know how to begin to start talking about all the things that have gone down in my life since my last post. I remember there was a time that I did a much better job of keeping up with myself in this blog, and I’m not sure how I could ever do that again. But here we go.

Stephanie and I moved! Yes, we are now residents of the state of North Carolina. We moved to Cary, NC last week and have loved every minute of our experience down here. We both really miss our friends from up in good ol’ WV, but we think we’ve made a very good decision regarding our future. There is so much more opportunity here, and I’m very thankful that we even had the means to move and get settled. We’ve both wanted to get somewhere where we knew we could “root” and I think this is the place we’ll do it. It helps that we recently learned WV is the 51st ranked state in education. Yeah…NC is the 7th. 

Now some backstory is in order. A few months ago, Stephanie and I decided that we needed to go ahead and plan on moving to NC this year. We knew we wanted to come, but we thought we might squeeze in one more year in WV just to save more money. After some careful thought and serious prayer, we came to the decision that it was foolish to waste anymore time in a place we knew we didn’t want to live in forever. I knew a few people who had moved to “The Triangle” in NC and that was exactly where we wanted to go. I sent out some emails and got a bite from an acquaintance at Duke University Health Systems. His Linux team had recently learned that a co-worker would be departing and they would need to fill that position. I ended up landing an interview and then after about 2-3 months of waiting, interviewing, and more waiting, I go the job.

After getting some incredible help from our friends, namely Rob, Dave, and Ashley, we successfully moved to Cary and now live in a fantastic apartment in a small suburb called Preston. It has a really nice small town feel that Stephanie and I both wanted when we moved. We’ve been here for almost two weeks now and do not regret our decision in any way at all. People are so friendly, the towns are kept up well, and we’re central to pretty much everything. We have 3 IMAX theatres within 20-30 minutes of us. I nearly crapped my pants.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first week at work also. Everyone has been incredibly helpful, and I’m already getting started on some cool stuff. I know there will be speedbumps and it will be a huge learning process, but I think I’m doing pretty decent so far. Duke is truly a great place to work, at least from my newbie perspective :). So glad we moved down here. I hope that my attitude doesn’t change, but I don’t think I have to worry about that too much.

Good show, blog! More to come!