Every time I visit my blog I find myself disappointed that I’m still using this crappy default theme. I really need to update it. I’ll work on that later though, and someday when I read this it won’t make any sense because I will have already fixed it.

I am still thoroughly enjoying my new job at Duke! I’m glad I can say that after a week and a few days, because the last job I had left me wondering if I’d made a mistake 0_o. This job has been great so far, and I’ve felt a ton of support and help from the people around me, which is awesome for me. Good times had by all!\

I’m not sure why I originally started writing this post, but I’ll go with it. Today I found out about a project called “EMC Razor” that is being headed up by the people at … well, EMC. It’s basically a rapid deployment system for setting up tons of machines in a very fast time using PXE boots and Puppet. I’m not versed at all in Puppet, but it seems really cool and I definitely need to spend some time with it. It’s basically configuration management, but each system can get a different config based on certain criteria. It doesn’t even have to hold a ton of config files that need to be downloaded by the client. The “puppet master” just adds certain lines to files and leaves certain lines out, creating different configs for each system that talks to it. You can specify a ton of different parameters that Puppet can look at to decide whether it gets certain files or not. Love it!

I totally dig automation of any kind, and I really think that’s something I may be able to really sink my teeth into. They say that laziness is the father of invention, but what they don’t tell you is that you have to be crazy motivated in order to invent that thing that you need. I don’t think it totally equates to laziness anyway. It’s really just getting the piddly stuff out of the way so you can do something really meaningful and important. Why bother configuring a ton of servers by hand when you could spend your time actually developing something great on those servers.

I just downloaded VMWare Workstation 9 so that I can build myself a little network and play around with some things. I’m glad I could finally get VMWare because Virtual Box just wasn’t doing it for me. That software, though free, just comes across as an afterthought most of the time. I guess it follows the “good, fast, cheap” principle. You can only pick two.

W00t! Going to go be a nerd now. Life’s good.

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