Purpose – 1. The reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks thinking about what I can do with an older podcast idea to revive it and make it into something people would want to listen to. I’ve bounced around ideas in my head about what I want the show to be, or what I want to do with it and I’m trying to pick out the purpose of the show. What do I want to accomplish with it? What do other people want to hear about and who would come on the show to talk about it with me?

The idea I’m talking about is a show called “Podcastination.” It was originally intended to be a show where I interview other podcasters. It was in the same vein as “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” I didn’t want it to just be about their podcasts and turn into a 30 minute commercial. I wanted to get to the essence of why they do it, and I wanted to hear about their lives on their way to figuring out that this was something they wanted to do.

I’ve always found myself interested in where people come from and how they get to the point in their lives that they are at. It doesn’t sound all that interesting at first, but I think people have some pretty cool stories. Maybe I’m just a creeper who likes to know where people came from, but I think when you can see where the story is leading, it’s super interesting. I’ve been inspired lately by Kevin Smith’s “Fat Man on Batman” podcast in which he interviews artists, writers, and actors involved in bringing Batman to us in so many different ways. Half of the podcast normally doesn’t revolve around Batman at all, but on their lives up to where they started working with Batman. These people are just so incredibly interesting to me, and I think the common man can have just as many great stories.

I think I may have found the purpose of the show, and I’m super excited about it. I’ve been out of podcasting too long and my epic Heil PR40 mic needs some attention. I’m coming back folks! Now to go find me some guests….



  1. Chip

    Not to disparage your search for a podcast with a purpose, but, with the current crop of podcasters interviewing other podcasters about their podcasts on interviewing other podcasters about their podcasts, we’re reaching an Incepton-like critical mass. Key question you asked was what would other people want to hear about. You may remember whenever you and Coleman started talking shop, it was great for you and Coleman. For everyone else….not so much. Just sayin’. So, having belabored the obvious, how are you gonna make your show different? Are we talking guest-dependency here? Industry specific? A weekly/monthly theme? Need a guest or no show, a la Charlie Rose? Or similar to the previous format w/the occasional guest thrown in?

  2. Post

    I think you could say that about any podcast. There are thousands of podcasts out there about odd news, weird crap, and the like, but you guys still found us and stuck around. Coleman and I would talk shop on a podcast not about the stuff we were discussing. People SHOULD have gotten bored because it wasn’t what they listened for. I think it’s important to just stick to what you want to deliver and I failed to do that in those instances.

    I’m not entirely sure how my show will be different from anyone else’s, other than it will be me and not them. My intention is to line up some guests, do a bunch of episodes, and then release them. It won’t be live like H&H, just due to the randomness of other people’s schedules. It will be guest dependent, and I don’t really have an industry lined up. I kind of want to hear from people who do things on their own. Comic artists, podcasters, indie film makers, and such. No matter how big or small they are. I think it could be fun 🙂

  3. Chip

    Yes, I found and stuck with HnH, but not so much due to the weird and crazy shit you reported on. As you said, there are thousands of those shows as well. What made your show different, worth comin’ back for every week, was more the interaction between the hosts. Actually, more due to your reactions to the subject matter than the subject itself, with you and Ashley riffin’ off of each others’ comments all night. Many nights there was little subject matter, just you and/or Ashley off on a tangent that had nothing to do with the “news”.
    If, in fact, the HnH concept is as dead as you’ve implied……RIP HnH.
    Congratulations on your vision for the next phase of your podcast career. I truly hope you can find great success in the niche you’re looking for. Best of luck.

    1. Steve

      Thanks for the encouragement, Chip. I don’t know what’s in store to be honest. All I know is I want to start jibber jabbering into a microphone again 😉

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