2012 - Apocalypse Not

Mon, Dec 31, 2012 4-minute read

I’m typing this blog post on my new Razer Black Widow Ultimate which may be the loudest keyboard in the universe, but it’s glorious to type on. WOW!

Now that I have that out of my system, let’s get down to business. This has been one crazy year for me and Stephanie. A whole lot of changes have come along, with pretty much all of them improving our lives in some way or another. I didn’t post a whole lot on the blog since the beginning of the year so I figured I would hit the highlights of everything that’s gone down.

We Moved! Stephanie and I successfully transplanted ourselves into North Carolina. This is a place we have both known we wanted to live one day, and we think about it all the time. We are incredibly happy in our new home, and even though we’ve only been here a couple months, we both feel like we belong here and that it’s home. I haven’t found a downside yet of living in this wonderful place. We’ve found an excellent church that we’re both trying to get involved in, and Steph’s brother and our nephew both live here. I think that’s been a really good thing for all of us, because we’ve been able to have a real relationship with them and do some cool stuff. I’ve always lived so far from extended family that I kind of forgot how nice it is to have somebody so close. I want to be an awesome uncle for my nephew, and so far I think I’m doing a decent job :). Also, this place has epic choices for EVERYTHING. Movie theatres, grocery stores, shopping malls, you name it. There are a million different ways for you to spend money :P.

New Jorb! Along with moving to a new place comes the need to find a new job. In this case, I did it the right way and found the job first. Not like how it was when I moved to West Virginia. I’m working at Duke University Health Systems now, and doing some pretty awesome stuff. I think I may have found a job that I can really grow and enjoy. It has it’s tough days like any job, but everyone I’ve met has been really cool and supportive and I’m just trying to make sure I’m doing the right things and doing them well.

Other Stuff I set out to do this blog post thinking that a whole lot had changed in my life, but I think more than anything stuff has changed for other people that affected me in some way. I’ve seen two of Stephanie’s friends married and starting familes of their own. My best friend, Lando, moved with his fiance to Seattle where they are extremely happy and doing their thing. I’ve also seen some of my good friends get new jobs that put them in better places and given them new opportunities. I think it’s just been an excited year all around.

I guess the big thing to note for the year in review is that the apocalypse didn’t happen. I never saw that coming! -_-

I’m going to go ahead and write this year off as a really good one. I didn’t write that novel I’ve been planning to write for the last 10 years, and I didn’t end up going to San Francisco with Stephanie for our anniversary, but neither of those things are entirely disappointing. I always have time for them. I had such a wonderful, successful, ¬†and satisfying year. Tomorrow starts 2013, and with it will come a whole bunch of new decisions and goals that we’ll have to work through. Plus, Man of Steel comes out, and if it is awesome and it’s the only thing that happens next year, I’ll call it a good one.

So here’s to 2012! Thanks for the ride! Now it’s time to see what 2013 can do :)