New Year's Creed

Wed, Jan 2, 2013 3-minute read

I decided that this year I would try to spend a bit more time blogging about stuff, or just writing in general. So where better to start than on my blog on the first day of this brand new year. I don’t think this is the first time I’ve written this out or decided that I was going to write more often in the new year so take this resolution with a grain of salt. On top of writing, I’ve also decided to eat better, get healthy, and just be an all around better person. I think I have a shot at the healthy part. Stephanie is working really hard and she’s inspiring me a lot, so as long as we can keep each other accountable, we should be okay.

So far though, my new year has been full of a whole lot of nothing. I pretty much spent the whole day playing Assassin’s Creed III and watching the bonus features from the Indiana Jones movies on Blu-ray. I have to say though, it was nice to just chill and not do anything. Steph and I together broke a couple traditions though. We were supposed to eat sauerkraut and black-eyed peas today so that we could have some good luck and what not. I don’t much believe in luck, but it’s still just a fun tradition to get into. The sauerkraut thing comes from Stephanie’s side of the family. You put coins into the sauerkraut and whoever gets a coin when their eating will have good fortune for the new year. That’s pretty fun. I guess the southern thing  (the black-eyed peas) is that whoever eats gets good luck. We just let everybody join in. Southern hospitality I suppose :).

Assassin’s Creed III has totally redeemed the series for me, hence why I was playing it all day when I should have at least been doing something productive. I accomplished very little in the real world, but I’m making sure those American rebels succeed in overthrowing the British rule and getting their own country. I really wish I knew more about American history. I’m a total history buff, and the American Revolution is an era of history that I absolutely love. Even when I was a kid in my history classes, I always loved the story of how we became a country. I kind of wish I knew more about how the common man was back then. I feel like that would make it pop a lot more and seem relevant to the rest of us. These were real, living, breathing people. I couldn’t imagine having to go through what they did during that time. A few of my ancestors did, and I’m very proud to know that there are people in my family line that thought this country was worth fighting to gain. Anyway, I rambled for a second, but all that is just to say that this is a great game and I’m incredibly thankful that I no longer have to listen to Italian people mix Italian words into English at random points.

That’s one day down and 364 more to go this year. Man, I can’t wait to get into this year and see what happens. I’m sure it will come with it’s fair share of struggles, but I’m glad to just be breathing, have my amazing wife by my side, and do the things that I really enjoy. God has truly blessed my life in incredible ways. Woohoo!