Down with the Sickness

Fri, Jan 4, 2013 3-minute read

I have a cold. This is poop.

Aside from my ailments, I’m doing pretty good this 3rd day of our brand new year. I’ve been working on this project at work that I kind of brought on myself and it’s leading me down a weird path I never thought I would ever really bother with. I’m trying to build a web app for looking up user accounts and adding them to our system. I have the bare bones of it worked out, with a little splash of color with a nice GUI. My buddy, Dave, keeps giving me a hard time because emphasize look so much over functionality. I can’t help it, man. It’s just the way my brain operates. 

Anyway, the app is built on PHP, MySQL, and tons of javascript. I have no idea what I’m doing to be honest, but I’m working really hard to try and figure it all out. I just don’t get most of the terminology and most of the how-to guides start from a pretty decent knowledge of the code that I just don’t have. I kind of have to work backwards to figure out what each piece is supposed to do but I’m definitely on track. I’m going to be doing a few tutorials through knockout.js, which is kind of like a framework for doing snazzy stuff with javascript. See what I did there! I don’t even know how to really explain what it is. This is where I’m at.  It’s really time to pick it up and start understanding something.

Coding stuff has never really been that much of a struggle for me, but I guess it was becuase I wasn’t doing anything super complex anyway. I learned HTML back when my brain operated like a sponge, but it just doesn’t do that anymore. I have done a ton of Bash scripting which kind of gets you into thinking about all the logic that you have to use. Bash is easy though, because you really just string together a ton of unix commands into a single file that does what you want. I definitely love doing that, but I’m having a really hard time getting used to all the different pieces of javascript and PHP.

So this was a nerdy post, but I needed to post something and this is heavy on my mind write now. I feel so bad for people that read this blog. There’s very little adventure to be had, and a whole lot of rambling. I guess that’s what you should expect, given the sub-title of the site and all :P.

Until next time, peeps!