I'm am Vengeance, I am the Night, I am Batman!

Mon, Jan 7, 2013 2-minute read

Ashley, Steph, and I have spent the last few hours watching Batman: The Animated Series, and I am having an absolute blast with it. I’ve been listening to an awful lot of Kevin Smith’s “Fat Man on Batman” podcast, and it made me interested in taking a second look at the show. I never was a fan when I was ¬†younger, but the show was always so serious. I was more of a fan of Looney Tunes because they were wacky. Batman had a very serious take and I now see why people loved it so much. I’m 27 years old and I am really digging this right now. It’s such a perfect portrayal of the Batman.

There’s only one problem with watching Batman tonight, and that problem is that I ate taco soup. My bowels have been interrupting me since I sat down >_<. Taco soup is the most delicious concoction ever created by man, but you end up dealing with it for hours afterwards. It’s absolutely awful. I’m just happy that I have my iPhone to play with during those moments.

I’m convinced that phone technology is continuously improved only so that people will have a much more entertaining time when they go poo. Back in the day, the only thing I had to entertain me was reading the toothpaste ingredients over and over. Now I can sit around and play Jetpack Joyride or HillTop Climber until it’s all over and I can go back to my normal business, or I can just sit for longer than necessary and play games for a bit. I’m honestly lost when I wander off to the bathroom and forget to take my phone with me. It’s devastating.

This post ended up being way more revealing that I intended, but anyone who reads it knows the truth. They totally agree with the cell phone thing. It’s just part of who we are as a society now. Poo sessions have gotten longer, not because our bowels are becoming ineffective, but because we have more games to play. I’m glad we could work all this out together.

Now, back to Batman!!