Sun, Jan 6, 2013 3-minute read

This whole “posting every day” thing is going to really force me to come up with some content so I feel like it’s even worth writing a post. I know that I’ll appreciate all this later, but most of my life seems so boring when it’s happening. I always look back and wish I had written stuff down though, so if anything this is a log of my boring life as a normal dude. Speaking of writing every day, I totally missed the midnight deadline for this one. I’m going to go ahead and count it anyway since it’s only 12:30am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

I started working on a website at home as a project. It’s mostly an effort to learn javascript better and actually understand the code that I’m working on it. I through a lighttpd, MySQL, and PHP5 on my raspberry pi to use it as a webserver for my little project. I figure that there are better ways to use a $35 mini computer, but this works for me right now. There are so many possibilities for this little sucker, but I guess it’s easy enough for me to start small. I have several of the parts for the wooden computer I plan to build out of it, but I still have some time before that starts up. I need to take pictures when I’m working on that just so I can document.

I think I went off on a tangent just there, but that’s okay. The webserver is for building a task list and being able to update a database with added tasks or the task status. I have no idea how to do that, but it is a part of the knockoutjs tutorials that are out there. The only thing they really don’t dig into so far is updating the MySQL database. I know how to get the data into JSON and then pass to the DOM, but I’m not entirely sure how to get the updated data back to JSON and then passed to the database. To be honest, I’m not even sure if what I just said right there is accurate. I know that my buddy, Dave, throws sentences around that contain those acronyms, and I think I have the context down, but I’m not too sure. Maybe some developer will run across this blog some day and make sense of it all for me. One can only hope.

One last thing. I was once again tweeted by a person I admire the other day. I sent a quick tweet to Scott Johnson, of Frogpants Studios fame, about how he calls Benedict Cumberbatch, Cumberfart Monkeybunch. I still die laughing whenever I see that guy on a movie or something. He tweeted back a simple “:)”, but it was enough for me to feel like I brought a smile to his face. I love how the people I admire most in the podcasting world are so accessible. I’m finding that most internet celebrities/moderately famous folk are so quick to say hi. To me, that tweet was just as cool as getting the email from Joe Abercrombie once.

The internet is a really cool place to be :).