Templates and Tantrums

Thu, Jan 10, 2013 3-minute read

I have a tendency to flip out when I do things multiple times and it doesn’t work out. Not the SAME thing multiple times, but basically try to accomplish the same goal. It’s not just tasks either, it’s anything that gets repeated in my presence. I can’t stand when I’m asked the same question multiple times by the same person, I don’t like having to repeat myself more than twice, and I can’t stand it when I try to do something a few times and none of the attempts yield positive results. I kind of turn into a rage fury monster when that happens >_<.

The reason I’ve come up with this to write about tonight is because I’ve been trying to build a wooden computer box for my raspberry pi. I think I talked about it a few days ago. I’ve been working on the template for the keyboard frame and it’s not going very well. I need a template so that I can confidently cut the wood into the shape I need. It’s kind of my way of measuring twice. I’m taking a few pieces of cardstock and tracing out the pattern that I need. I’ll use that to place on the wood and basically use it as a stencil. My problem is getting all the dimensions right.

I keep measuring and measuring and measuring and measuring and no method that I’m going after seems to be working out for me. I even went so far as to find the actual plans for the frame so that I could base everything off of those, but the keyboard that was used in the original plans doesn’t seem to match the $7 keyboard that I bought for my project. Bummer. This is really putting a little snag in my project plans. I HAVE to finish it though because I already bought the wood. That’s what I did to force me into this stupid thing.

Look at what I did there. I just called my super awesome project “stupid.” It’s not stupid. I’m just raging out a bit because I’ve been working on it for several hours with only minor progress. Another thing about me is I need to be making some steps toward a final goal during a project or I lose my mind. I’m coding a pretty sweet web app at work, but I’m not making a leap every day. I make a few small victories and I normally learn something, but I really don’t feel good about it unless a feature starts working. The bad news is that with every breakthrough comes another problem. I guess I call that a bad thing, when really it’s pretty fun. Trying to build a fairly complex webapp using javascript is probably not the best thing to do when you have ZERO experience with javascript. I guess that’s where codecademy.com comes in. I’m learning some fundamentals from there, so that’s helping a bit.

Well, it’s that time again. I have to go to bed so I can get up in the morning. I would be so much more productive if I didn’t require sleep -_-.